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Your Position: Home - Home & Garden - Is it safe to use the Slate Firepit?

Is it safe to use the Slate Firepit?

Many people love using the Slate Firepit, which adds lighting and warmth while adding ambience, while also being a nice decorative touch. But there are also many concerns about the insecurity of using the Slate Firepit. But in fact, as long as the Slate Firepit is used reasonably and correctly, it is absolutely safe.

1. The Slate Firepit has a safety net cover to keep the charcoal burning sparks from flying around.

2. Do not leave the Slate Firepit unattended for a long time, otherwise there will be security risks.

3. When using the Slate Firepit, please follow the local fire requirements, which is a must. Obey the law in all circumstances.

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Using the Slate Firepit is very safe as long as you keep the above three simple requirements.

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