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Your Position: Home - Furniture - Which type of plastic chair is best?

Which type of plastic chair is best?

Investing in plastic chair is a smart decision because these furniture pieces are practical, durable, and versatile. There is more use for plastic chairs now than it did about a decade or so ago. This growing popularity of plastic chairs can be attributed to the improved manufacturing processes that greatly enhanced their overall quality, making them a good value for money.

Quality has been one of the issues with buying chairs made of plastic material. There is a misconception that they are poor in quality and won’t last very long. Well, that has changed now because recycled plastics and polypropylene (among other types of plastic materials) are now the go-to choice for furniture manufacturers, especially those looking for high-quality yet affordable chairs.

In this guide, you will learn about the different ways of testing the quality of plastic chair components that ensure longevity and durability At Maka Furniture, we follow a strict guideline and set of protocols at the end of the manufacturing and production process. We take his commitment to ensure that we have quality control in place to assure our customers that each piece is worth their money.

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Standard Tests on Plastic Chair Components

The following are the series of tests we perform on plastic chair components and the overall chair to verify quality and durability. This will give you peace of mind that you will be getting a quality piece to use at home or for commercial purposes.

Melt Flow Index

The melt flow index test is a standard testing procedure for furniture and chair that is manufactured using the injection molding process. Identifying the metal flow is crucial to understand the behavior of thermoplastic during the molding process.

In this test, the plastic granules are melted before the plastic is poured onto the orifice for 10 minutes. The amount of plastic that comes out within that time period is weighed. The resulting weight is compared to the original amount to determine how much plastic is left. A poor melting flow is one wherein the plastic did not flow well and most of it was left in the container.

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Moisture Analysis

Polypropylene and thermoplastic materials are considered highly resistant to moisture. This makes this type of plastic a popular choice in furniture manufacturing due to its ability to resist damage (since too much moisture can make the material vulnerable to damage). The high resistance against moisture is also critical in enabling plastic chairs to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and other sources of moisture.

A moisture analysis is important when testing the quality of plastic chairs to ensure that it can sustain damage. The plastic chairs are subjected to a variety of controlled testing conditions to expose it to extreme levels of moisture and its response. This test is also designed to measure the water content in the plastic material. Some types of plastic also have the tendency to absorb moisture when exposed to humid conditions. If this is the case, the final product could suffer from internal strains and overall poor quality as the material can be compromised from within.

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Radiographic Test

This type of test is performed on plastic chairs that went through the injection molding process. This is another standard procedure for testing mass produced items like plastic chairs. In this test, the material or the final product is exposed to a beam of radiation such as gamma ray. The intensity of the radiation beam passes through the plastic material and onto the opposite end. This is collected into a data sheet for further testing.

The plastic chair is examined to see if some of the areas, especially where the radiation passed through, were thicker, thinner, or flawed. It is inspected to see any difference in the material after it was exposed to the radiation source. One of the indicators that it sustained damage from the radiation is if there are any dark spots on the surface of the material.

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Additional Tests for Quality

You can also perform your own quality testing on the plastic chairs upon receiving them in the mail. This is an important step to ensure that they did not get damaged during the transit of the items. It is also important to ensure that no item has bypassed our quality control measures and you did not receive a faulty item.

The first thing you need to do is to take the chairs out of the box. Disassemble the pieces and check if all of the pieces are complete. Each piece of chair is wrapped in a bubble bag to prevent damage in the event of any bumps outside of the box during the transit of the items. Look for any signs of bumps and scratches on the outside of the chair.

We will provide you with some spare parts to replace any damaged or loose parts. It is also a good idea to test the load bearing capacity of the chair. The maximum weight of the chair is indicated in the box so make sure to check this accordingly. Make sure to place the chair on a stable surface before adding weight to it. After adding the weight, perform a physical test on the chair to see if it suffered any signs of damage, such as cracks or dents.

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Final Words

At Maka Furniture, we strive to maintain the same level of quality and performance when we manufacture plastic chairs. We ensure that proper testing is done on our chairs after the final production to ensure that you get your money’s worth and that they can perform as expected. Also, if you can get a certification to attest to the quality of the chairs, that would be even better.

Panton color stackable chairs

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The 1940s

The first plastic that has ever been designed was produced in Canada in 1946. The chair had a reasonably simple design yet a surprisingly modern design. This chair was called the Monobloc Chair. As the name suggests, these chairs were not made of different parts stuck together, but a single chair, shaped into all the requisite parts.


The 1960s

After the first monobloc chair’s relative success, new chair designs did not emerge for almost two decades. In 1960, a Danish designer named Verner Panton designed the world-famous panton chair in the space-age postmodern look. It was quite the hit. The same year saw the emergence of poly-COR chairs.
The Bofinger Chair, aka BA 1171, was designed by architect and designer Helmut Bätzner in 1964. It was the next big thing of that time in plastic furniture. These chairs were seamless, stackable, and lightweight.

The following year saw a new chair design- chair universale, the first all-plastic chair that used the injection-moulding technique with five different parts molded together!

The 1970s

There was another new monobloc plastic chair that had elements from Greek architecture integrated into its structure. The chair has an appearance of a luxurious inclined stool with a high-class finish. It was called the Capitello chair, designed by Franco Audrito and Piero Gatti for leading Italian design company Gufram

 The 1980s

In 1983, came out the Grosfillex resin chair with slits on the back and elaborate armrests. This chair has a comfortable and practical design. These are extensively in use even today in public as well as private spaces.


 The 1990s

The wait chair was designed in 1997 by Matthew Hilton. It has a simple design, with four legs, no armrest, and a medium height backrest. The chair has a matte finish that gives it a classy look. Despite its simple design, it was considered to be the epitome of comfort.


 The 2000s

The era of aesthetics: the uniquely-designed Poly Chair was the hit of the decade. This chunky, short chair is a midground between a chair and a stool. It stands on four legs but has a dish-like structure that functions as the seating and the armrest. It blends in perfectly with a postmodern/ minimal aesthetic.


The 2010s

Siamese chairs were the latest emergence in this era. As the name suggests, the chair looks like two chairs conjoined at the hip. This chair was the newest plastic chair design in the market that came out in 2014. Since then, several other chairs have come out too. However, these were revolutionary in terms of their design and artistic styles. Most new chair designs are focused on utility and aesthetics.

 All these chairs were Viral (as we call it today) in their respective eras and were trendsetters too. Some of these designs continue to dominate the plastic chair industry even today. 

 How are Plastic Chairs Made?

After learning about the features and the history of the plastic chairs, you may wonder,

‘After all, how are the plastic chairs made?’.

There are three primary ways of making a plastic chair. These methods are similar to each other because all of them use molds. However, the intricacies and the technology used for these Chairs are quite different.

1. Rotational Molding

The wait chair was designed in 1997 by Matthew Hilton. It has a simple design, with four legs, no armrest, and a medium height backrest. The chair has a matte finish that gives it a classy look. Despite its simple design, it was considered to be the epitome of comfort.All these chairs were Viral (as we call it today) in their respective eras and were trendsetters too. Some of these designs continue to dominate the plastic chair industry even today.

The first step in this process is rotational molding. In rotational molding, a large metal mold is injected with a plastic polymer. Then the plastic polymer is subjected to high temperatures. The mold is rotated in all directions so the plastic polymer can acquire the shape of the mold. Through this method, hollow chairs or chair parts can be created.

2. Injection Molding

In this method, the plastic polymer is preheated to boiling temperature and injected directly into a metal mold. Then the plastic is allowed to cool. The plastic has to be injected very slowly to prevent the plastic from taking a non-uniform shape. This method also does not require any rotational movement. The final result is a single-piece plastic chair.

3. Injection Molding with Gas

This molding method is similar to standard injection molding. But this method mainly utilizes gas. The gas is let inside the mold, and it is rotated at high speeds. This action pushes the molten plastic to certain parts of the mold to give the chair the desired shape. This technique results in a plastic chair that has a combination of hollow and solid parts. 

Watch this video on how plastic armchairs are made to get a visual idea:


Different Kinds of Plastic Chairs Available Today

There is a wide range of different plastic chairs available. One way of categorizing them is by the kind of plastic that is used for making them. There are broadly two types of plastic categories: Thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic.

1. Thermoplastics

This type of plastic can be softened and molded when exposed to heat and hardened once they cool off. These plastics can be reheated and reshaped several times without harming their chemical properties. These are excellent for making chairs as they can be easily recycled, upcycled, and reshaped. There are a few types of thermoplastics:

a. Nylon

Nylon is one of the most popular types of thermoplastic. It is highly solid, and it is highly malleable too! It can be stretched into a string also. Nylon can be molded into any shape at all. These chairs are resistant to weather changes and also comfortable to sit on for long hours.

b. Acrylic

Acrylic is also one of the most widely used thermoplastic types. These chairs are easy to clean and UV resistant. These plastics are slightly more rigid than nylon and slightly less adaptable. However, acrylic chairs are non-toxic and good for the environment.

c. PVC

This type of plastic is stiff, rigid, but also lightweight. It can be molded, but it is less flexible than other thermoplastics. It is durable and the most economical option available in the plastic furniture market. These chairs need no maintenance at all once purchased.

d. Polypropylene

Polythene is one of the most trendy thermoplastic types. Chairs made of polypropylene are unbreakable and lightweight. These are resistant to any kind of damage, mildew, and weather degradation. This type of plastic also has a natural feel and finish to it, making it unique too!

e. Polythene 

This variant is shabby plastic and has a waxy texture. This one can also be molded and twisted more than once. These chairs are impact-resistant, robust, dent-resistant, and rust-proof too!

2. Thermosetting Plastics

Thermosetting plastics are formed by heating to high temperatures and cooling down later. Initially, the polymer is a liquid that solidifies irreversibly after being subjected to heat. After getting set, thermosetting plastics cannot be reshaped by heating. They become stiff and concrete. These can also be used to make excellent plastic kursi (chairs). The only concern with these plastic armchairs will be that they may not be recyclable. Here are the types of thermosetting plastics for chairs:

a. Bakelite

Bakelite is a plastic blend that is made with synthetic components. It is used for making strong furniture structures. It is a robust and sturdy material. However, bakelite is not considered to be the safest plastic-type. It is best to avoid it when better and opt for safer plastic furniture materials available in the market.

b. Epoxy Resin 

This kind of plastic is used in the form of a paste before it solidifies. It is a lightweight and solid composite material. Epoxy resin is not used to make the structure of plastic chairs. It is used as a coating on plastic chairs as a protection layer. It prevents abrasion, dents, and degradation of any kind. Epoxy resin has other applications too. It is used in metal coatings, electronics and electrical components, LEDs, insulators, adhesives, etc.

c. Melamine

This type of plastic is a thick, intense thermosetting plastic. You can mold it into a variety of shapes, but you cannot reshape it. Melamine is a highly durable thermosetting plastic. It is used to make chairs, but it is also extensively used for making dinnerware, laminate flooring and dry erase boards. It is also used as a soundproofing material.

You can find plastic kursi or chairs available in all these kinds of plastics. However, you need to select the right one for yourself mindfully. Thermoplastics are a better option for long-term usage. Thermoplastic polypropene is the most common option, and it is practical too. It is healthier for the environment because it is recyclable.

Few of the Most Popular Styles of Plastic Chairs

Plastic arm chairs are omnipresent. You are most likely to spot at least one plastic chair, be it a public space or a private one, wherever you go. We bet you have never spared much thought to the different styles available today. Bringing any of these chairs into your home will help you elevate your style and become the trendsetter in your circles! Here’s an insight into the trendiest available styles!

1. Panton Chairs

These ultra-modern space-age looking chairs are quite the rage now. If you want to give your home a modern twist, you need to get these chairs! These chairs do not have the regular four stand structure.

Panton chairs have an S-shaped back structure blending into one wide stand. This shape gives you a sense of real comfort! Their fantastic and unique design is truly a work of art.

These chairs are available in multiple colors and sizes. These can give your living room a bright and stylish pop!

2. Spine Care Chairs

One of the most trendy chairs by Italica furniture, Spine Care Chairs are stunning ONE OF A KIND, ergonomically designed chairs. These chairs are available in attractive colors and are perfect for study and work time with additional lumbar support to fix your posture. It truly is the epitome of Unique technology and Aesthetics. Not just that, the Italica Spicecare chair is also recommended by doctors.

3. Sun Loungers

This chair is one of the quirky seating options on this list. These chairs are not a standard option for Indian homes. However, if you love to experiment with your interior style, you need to check this out. Sunloungers are an excellent option for your indoors if you are going for a minimalist or coastal vibe. Otherwise, it can be a classy addition to your patio furniture too!

4. Plastic Chairs with Cushions

Most plastic chairs are sold without cushions on them. Plastic kursis generally only have skeletons, and that is aesthetic. However, there is a new and luxurious variant of plastic armchairs. These unique chairs have a regular plastic frame with upholstery in the sitting and backrest spots. For those who find it difficult to The cushions can often be customized and bought separately. The upholstery can be made out of velvet, cotton fabric, or embroidery. 

5. Plasteel Chairs

This chair is another unique blend of a traditional plastic kursi. Plastic and steel chair combinations are quite the rage now. These plastic chairs with steel legs, offer the style and advantage of comfortable plastic armchairs, along with the strength and sturdiness of steel. These chairs are durable and can endure any weather at all. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

6. Baby Chairs

If you have little ones in your home, you need to create a space to enjoy and be comfortable. And for that, you need to design a colorful, fun and yet safe space for the kids. These baby plastic chairs are miniature versions of regular chairs. 

You can get this kid’s plastic chair in vivid and bright colors. These will also serve more than one purpose for you. You can use them for your child’s study time, as well as their playtime. These children’s plastic chairs are also well-designed in a way that takes care of your child’s posture from an early age.

7. Plastic Chairs with Geometric Designs

This chair is known for that fancy hollow Geometric backrest. It has the basic shape and structure of regular chairs with four legs and a seating attachment. The upper back of the chair would be the unique part of this chair with interlaced designs. These chairs are generally devoid of armrests. They are usually lightweight and easily stackable.

8. Ghost Chairs

As the name suggests, these chairs are quite impressive! These chairs have transparent or slightly tinted frames. These are made out of clear plastic. These also have a post-modern space-age look that can elevate your home style. Ghost chairs are icons of modern furniture and never stopped being out of vogue ever since they entered the furniture market.

9. Perforated Chairs

The back of these chairs is perforated generally. Yet, the seat may also be perforated. These chairs promote air circulation and are ideal for tropical countries with high temperatures. The overall structure of these chairs is similar to a regular molded plastic chair with four stands. These mesh back chairs are just a notch more comfortable.

10. Plastic Sofa Chairs

Imagine the center point between a sofa and a plastic chair! Yes, it exists in reality! These sofa chairs give the glam and luxury of a sofa along with the comfort, durability, portability, and style of designer plastic armchairs. This blend is endlessly unique and perfect for a retro or flashy post-modern style. If you want to give your home a pop of color or break the monotony, this one is perfect!

11. OXY Chairs

Italica Oxy series chair, India’s first fully ventilated stackable plastic chair, is an impressive mixture of elegant class, ergonomic design, and superior quality. It is a perfect balance of aesthetics and comfort.

Most plastic chairs are designed to allow little or no ventilation through the backrest. But the Oxy Series Chair is exclusively tailored to provide you 100% ventilation from the backrest to seat. 

It’s a premium quality furniture with a considerably lightweight with a luxurious finish, it is easy to move and works great for indoor and outdoor seating areas.

 Is it Worth Investing in Plastic Chairs?

This is one of the most essential and common questions about plastic kursi/ chairs. Considering all the fantastic features of molded plastic armchairs, they are certainly worth the investment. Their durability, affordability, style, portability, and eco-friendliness makes them one of the best options for you to invest in. You can find an economical or an expensive range of Plastic chairs depending on your budget and needs.

Misconceptions About Plastic Chairs

Like every good thing in the world, plastic chairs are also associated with several rumors and misconceptions. There are so many preconceived notions about molded plastic chairs. These chairs have specific bad reviews and ideas related to them. Is there any truth to those ideas at all? Let’s find out! Today we will debunk all this for you!

            • Myth: Plastic Chairs are Harmful to Nature.

              Facts: Plastics can be dangerous for nature. However, modern designer plastic chairs are almost entirely recyclable and can be molded again. They also last for several decades before requiring any kind of update. Keeping all that in mind, you should remember plastic seating is a better option. Wooden chairs cause deforestation. There is no such problem with Plastic chairs.

            • Myth: Plastic Chairs need to be Upcycled and Replaced Frequently

              Facts: Plastic armchairs are unreactive and do not get damaged even in adverse weather conditions. You do not need to upcycle or recycle these chairs for 30-40 years at least.

            • Myth: Plastic Chairs are not for Indoor Purposes

              Facts: Plastic chairs can easily be used for indoor purposes. You have to strategically select chairs that blend in well with your home decor style. You have to look out for colors, match them with your walls, and set a tone and mood for your home. With such planning, your home will look like a studio, even without much effort.

            • Myth: Plastic Chairs are Uncomfortable

              Facts: This myth is as far as it can be from the truth. Comfortable Plastic Chair technology has evolved so far that it caters to specific physical problems to ensure comfort. The spine Care Chair caters to your posture. Oxy Chairs ensure that your back is aerated and doesn’t get too sweaty.

            • Myth: Plastic Chairs will make your Home look Tacky.

              Facts: Plastic chairs can have the classiest and most luxurious designs. Yet to find these chairs, you need to find the right place. You need to find the right brand, the suitable mode of purchase, and the right and comfortable plastic chair style that works for your home.


How to Select the Right Products for Your Home

We are sure that you must be convinced that these chairs are the perfect match for you by now. Now let’s understand how you can find those ideal chairs for your home. Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how you can select the right molded plastic armchairs for yourself.

Step 1

Choose the interior design style that appeals to you. Decide upon an aesthetic that will suit your home and choose a color palette that appeals to you as well. It will depend on the size of your home too. If your home is smaller in size, a sun lounger may not be the best option for you. 

If you are looking to re-decorate your small office space, you can use cafe chairs or restaurant chairs made of plastic too! Using plastic cafe chairs is quite a practical option!

Step 2

Choose the right kind of Plastic furniture according to the color palette that you decided before. Choose the style of chair that suits your whole aesthetic. 

Step 3

Select what purpose your chair is going to serve. Do you need an accent piece for the main attraction in your room? Or is it supposed to be only utility-based? Depending on these questions, you can decide how much you want to invest in the chairs. Plastic chairs for the living room will be very different from those in your workspace.

Step 4

Select the quantity and style of chairs that are ideal for each room. For example, Italica luxury armchairs would be the perfect fit for your living room, but it may not be suitable for your workspace. Your workspace would be more practical with an Italica spine care chair. Decide which chair serves your purpose the best.

Step 5

Selecting the right color is the next step. If you have a minimalist in your home, you should opt for a slightly nude tone of furniture. Beige, white, grey, and brown chairs may be the perfect colors for you.

If you have a modern or art deco style home, brightly colored furniture may be ideal for you. Red, yellow, and orange chairs may be perfect for you. 

You should observe the overall vibe of your room to decide what color you should opt for. You can use contrasting colors or create a monochromatic space, or stick to a color palette.

Step 6

Now the question is where to buy these chairs? You have two options. Either you can buy them online or offline. There are pros and cons to both these options.

          • Offline

            In this method, you can see the products for yourself in person. You can examine the quality of the chairs and decide for yourself. However, there is always the hassle of going and visiting the store. Also, your local store may not give your warranties.

          • Online

            Almost everything is available at your fingertips due to digital advancements. If you order furniture online, you can get them delivered directly, without the hassle of visiting the store. There are so many trusted brands and websites such as Amazon, Pepperfry, etc., where you can find the right plastic chair price online of your choice.

The bottom line is: You need to buy it from a trusted brand and an authorized retailer!

Step 7

Arrange the chairs properly. Keep your chairs close to a table so that the user experiences logistical comfort. Ensure that there aren’t too many chairs huddled up in one space. Also, ensure that there are not too many materials in one room. If your chairs are made of plastic, try to use only one or two other materials for your furniture. However, it is best to have a plastic ensemble.

If you follow these steps, you will be all set for selecting the right furniture for your happy home! 

 How to Search for the Right Brands

All this information is futile if you are unable to find the right brand for yourself. Here is how you can find the right brand for the perfect and most comfortable plastic kursi for your home.

1. Do Your Research

Before going and buying a chair for yourself, you need to do the proper research online. If you are reading this, you are in the right place already. However, you should look around more to be sure of the kind and style of chair you want for yourself. Through your research, you will also find the brands that sell plastic molded chairs.

2. Ask Around for Recommendations

You can try this online or offline. Online, you can search for a question and answer forums such as Quora and find the best-suggested brands. If you know anyone who has many of these chairs, you can ask them. Or you can ask your local retailer too if you do not have any other references. 

3. Check For Reviews

If you find a chair that you like, see if it has good reviews. If it has high reviews and reliable customer feedback, it is a good option for you. If a chair does not have any reviews or has bad ones, it may not be a great idea to buy that one.

4. Check for a Warranty

Most brands nowadays offer a warranty. If a brand believes in producing the best quality, it will offer some warranty period for their products! Always opt for brands with a substantial warranty period, especially if your plastic chairs are expensive.

How to Clean and Maintain Plastic Chairs?

Maintaining these chairs is not a difficult task. Yet, even the most low-maintenance items need some cleaning occasionally. Particularly in light of the Covid-19 situation, you may want to keep your chairs a little extra clean and disinfected. But don’t worry! Maintaining plastic armchairs is inexpensive and hassle-free too! Here are a few ways in which you can keep your chairs in top shape:.

      1. Give it a simple wash with some detergent water and a cotton cloth. This method will help to get rid of the dirt and grime. Do not forget to pat the chair dry after the cleanup to avoid water stains.

      2. Take 1/4th cup bleach and mix it in hot water. Use a soft scrub and scrub the mixture all over your plastic seats. Keep the mixture for 2 minutes. After that, wipe off the solution with a clean cloth.

3. If you wish to do a deep clean for your chairs, you can try out this method. Pour 1/4th cup vinegar in a bucket of hot water. Rub the solution all over your chairs. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. Then rub it off with water.

4. If germs are your concern due to Covid, mix some disinfectant with water. Rub this mixture on every inch of your chair and let it dry out. This process will kill all germs and prevent any infections.

With these few simple steps, you will be all good to go with clean and fresh plastic seats!

 Overview of Plastic Chair Industry in India

The plastic molded chair market provides a hub of opportunities across the world. It is a rapidly growing industry with immense popularity. With changing consumer demographics, the population with purchasing power has become younger, but the economy also provides fewer expenditure opportunities.  Plastic furniture is becoming a clear option for this generation. 

Even if people do not opt for full plastic furniture sets, plastic-made chairs are quite popular and abundant within this demographic due to their affordability and aesthetic appeal. Some brands of Indian origin are popular across South Asia. Due to opportunities in infrastructure, housing, and other related sectors, India will continue to be the top market for this South Asia industry.[1]

 The Major Plastic Chair Brands in India

The plastic furniture industry in India is quite widespread. The industry is expected to grow at a whopping CAGR of 12.91% from 2020-2024. Let’s look at all the brands that contribute to this tremendous growth rate!

1. Italica Furniture

When it is about plastic furniture, Italica furniture is always one of the top ones. Italica furniture has been one of the leading brands. It has a widespread network of distributors and retailers. It has a strong presence online as well as offline. It is one of the most trusted brands, too, with its promise of quality and style from its establishment. Italica’s chairs are the bestselling ones in the country. Their most renowned model is the Spine Care Chair, with no competition in the country for its style or functionality.

2. Nilkamal Furniture

Nilkamal is also one of the leading brands in India. Like Italica, this brand also focuses on plastic furniture. Their products also have considerable popularity in the country. They are also active sellers of some plastic chair models.

3. Supreme Furniture

Also, among the topmost brands, Supreme Furniture has a substantial range of plastic furniture. It also has some popular chairs.

4. Ikea 

Ikea is a Swedish brand globally renowned for its furniture. It has a strong presence in India and is quite the rage among Indians in metropolitan cities. Ikea is quite famous for its chairs and unique aesthetics. 

5 Cello

This brand is also a famous Indian one for plastic seating. It also has a lot of other wings such as pens, pipes, etc. However, their chairs also have significant credibility.

After knowing all these things, you are ready to make an informed decision about getting the right plastic molded chairs for yourself. Do your research, set your budget, and get a chair that suits your home and your personality the best!

We bet we have convinced you how awesome Plastic chairs are! What are you waiting for? Ready. Set. SHOP!

If you liked this blog, do leave a comment down below. Let us know if it helped you in any way. Do not forget to share this blog with anyone who might find this useful.

Which type of plastic chair is best?

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Plastic Chairs





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