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Your Position: Home - Furniture - What furniture does a bar have?

What furniture does a bar have?

Once you’ve mapped out the ‘zones’ in your venue, you can think about which type of seating will work best for each area. This will depend on the primary function of your venue: if food plays a big part, then you’ll need at least some dining-style tables and chairs; if you’re opening a cocktail or lounge bar, you could focus on lounge chairs with low-seat heights, which can be paired with low stools to save cost and also increase covers.

Bar stools are also a cost-effective way to increase covers, as you are essentially doubling up the functionality of the bar area. They also add interest to the venue, as you will be mixing heights and delineating areas. Another option is to group bar stools around [poseur- link] tables. These tables are tall with a small, sturdy base and a small tabletop, so they are ideal for maximising covers while providing space for customers to place drinks and snacks.

Seating options the main choices

• Armchair: As the name suggests, these often include arms and will be made from fabric, with a padded base and back for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Perfect for larger venues with distinct spaces.
• Lounge chair: Smaller than an armchair so more economical on space, these tend to be lower down and can be paired with side tables for casual drinks.
• Dining chair: If you’ve got a substantial food menu, you’ll need at least some dining tables and chairs to accommodate dining customers. Here, it’s often best to combine with a table in the same range, to ensure the optimum spacing between the seat and tabletop, and the perfect alignment of the chairs around the table.
• Low stool: If space is at a premium, low stools offer the ideal compromise between cover numbers and comfort.
• Bar stool: Swivel, stacking, height adjustable, with or without backs – it’s not just about choosing to include bar stools in your venue, it’s about which style works best. If you need your space to be flexible, stackable stools are a must. However, if the bar area is a focal point, you can choose a more permanent, statement stool.
• Bench: A versatile option that maximises covers in a range of different spaces.

Table options – the main choices

• Dining table: From two-seaters to ten-seaters and beyond, your space and its primary usage will determine what size, and how many, tables you require. (See our Table Size Guide for more information.)
• Poseur table: These tall drinks or dining tables are a versatile choice and can be combined with bar stools or used alone for standing around and placing drinks on. They generally have a smaller tabletop than other designs and a sturdy base.
• Coffee table: A good choice for matching with armchairs or lounge chairs for casual drinks and bar snacks.
• Side table: Smaller than a coffee table, these are space-saving, easy to move around, and perfect for versatile spaces that might need reconfiguring for different events.

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What furniture does a bar have?

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