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Your Position: Home - Furniture - The Best Places to Buy hotel lobby furniture Online and In-Store

The Best Places to Buy hotel lobby furniture Online and In-Store


Our range of bespoke & custom-made entryway furniture for the reception lounge and waiting rooms will help you establish a distinctive atmosphere. Regardless of whether you need your entryway, lobby or foyer to be furnished in modern and contemporary, classic, retro or vintage designs, or bespoke designer styles, including industrial, distressed, or hand-carved bedroom themes, you will discover the perfect reception furniture design for your requirements on FurnitureRoots.

As an industry-leading contract furniture manufacturer for hotels, Supplier, and Wholesaler, FurnitureRoots provide elegant, commercial-grade, bespoke waiting room and reception furniture to:

– Hotels, Resorts, 5-Star and Luxury Hotels, Boutique Hotels, and Hotel Chains

– Residential Buildings, Commercial Offices

– Guesthouses, B&Bs, Motels, Lodges, Boarding Houses, Inns, Hostels, Bunks

– Vacation Villas, Guest Villas, Vacation Stays, Time-Share

– Hotel Furniture Outlets & Stores, and

– Luxury Spas, Skiing Resorts, Country Clubs, Corporate Stays, and other hospitality establishments across the globe

– Cozy cafes & boutique coffee shop furniture

– Upscale &  luxury restaurant furniture customized for individual restaurant owner

– We even manufacture coastal-style furniture for resorts, hotels, and cafes


Reception desks are usually the first thing guests see when they walk into a building. Statement pieces that provide a warm welcome to your clients are therefore key to making a huge first impression on the guests of hotels, motels, resorts, or offices.

As a bespoke Furniture manufacturer in Jodhpur, some of the finest hotel and office reception furniture. Our front office furniture designs are elegant, refined, and provide your guests with the highest levels of engagement.

Our collection of hotel lobby stations in metal, wood, or engineered wood are made using commercial-grade materials and joinery techniques in order to provide heavy-duty use and give you a lifetime of superlative service.


Get lobby chairs that will match perfectly with the interiors and designs of your hospitality or commercial business establishment.FurnitureRoots’ hotel lobby chair designs are fully customizable to required measurements and can be customized for designs, dimensions, finishes, and upholstery.


Comfort plays a major role in hotel and office reception areas and waiting rooms. Get Hotel Sofas and reception couches that match the decor of your hospitality and commercial lobby and gives it a cohesive look.

For gaudy & glam tables that are a surefire way for your customers to get dazzled by the reception, click here.FurnitureRoots’ hospitality lobby sofas can be custom-made in contemporary, modern or even rustic/vintage styles.

With FurnitureRoots’ reception seating, you will be sure to find excellent comfort with cushioned seating that is both beautiful and functional.


For hotel coffee tables as well as lobby end & and side tables that make a huge first impression on your hospitality & commercial guests, you can trust FurnitureRoots.

Our hotel lobby tables can be customized for designs, dimensions, upholstery, and finish to match the ambiance of your hotel or building’s foyer.

Also, check out our collection of side tables as well, many of these products are inspired by our cafe furniture.


With FurnitureRoots, you get the best designs in entryway and console tables custom-made for your hospitality or commercial building.

Get in touch with us for a price list of reception furniture sets & packages available for sale with us. We will be happy to share estimates and guide you through detailed calculations of costs.

If you’re based out of India, you are most likely to realize significant cost savings through FurnitureRoots’ export furniture program since you will be cutting out middlemen in the buying process.

FurnitureRoots sells Lobby, Lounge & Reception Furniture at these locations globally

Lobby Furniture suitable for all businesses

Are you searching for a way for your business to create a great first impression?
Our large collection of furniture for Lobbies or Lounge Areas provides you with stylish and comfortable reception area furnishings, regardless of what type of business you run. Sediedesign specializes in high quality Italian design. From one business owner to another, we understand the importance of combining quality and design to create the best possible waiting experience for clients. It is possible to have comfort and style all in one product!

Shop our selection of Italian-grade lobby furniture – including chairs, lounge seating, lighting, and side/coffee tables now.
For all inquiries, send us an email at

The Best Places to Buy hotel lobby furniture Online and In-Store

Lobby Furniture suitable for all businesses





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