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Advantages of Garbage Sorting Machine

Humans produce a lot of garbage every day, and garbage that is not sorted, recycled, reused, and disposed of will cause environmental pollution. The garbage sorting machine is high-tech equipment that automatically sorts mixed garbage. The garbage sorting machine can carry out a subsequent comprehensive treatment and full reuse of garbage, and achieve the goal of zero garbage landfill.

Whether it is mixed collected municipal domestic waste, food waste, or stale waste, the machine can automatically, quickly, and effectively separate the plastic, paper, organic matter, batteries, packaging and other physical components in the garbage to facilitate the download One-step recycling. The garbage sorting machine changes the cumbersome pre-treatment process of traditional garbage sorting, saves a lot of manual sorting costs and equipment investment, and realizes the maximization of waste resource utilization and the goal of zero landfills. Waste disposal mostly adopts sanitary landfill or even simple landfill, occupying tens of thousands of acres of land; insects and flies fly indiscriminately, sewage overflows, and odor is in the sky, seriously polluting the environment.

Therefore, garbage classification can reduce the amount of garbage treatment and treatment equipment, reduce treatment costs, and reduce the consumption of land resources. It has social, economic, and ecological benefits.

Garbage classification is to classify garbage into garbage according to the classification method of recyclable and non-recyclable.

Reduce Land Occupation

Some materials in domestic garbage are not easily degraded, causing serious erosion of the land. Garbage classification removes recyclable and non-degradable substances, reducing the amount of garbage by more than 60%.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

Abandoned batteries contain metal mercury, cadmium, and other toxic substances, which will cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil will reduce crop production; discarded waste plastics are eaten by animals, causing animal deaths from time to time. Therefore, recycling can reduce harm.

From an environmental standpoint, responsible waste management is absolutely essential. Protecting the planet needs to be the top priority of every government agency, including those tasked with managing waste.

With the help of a waste sorting plant, recyclable items can be removed from the garbage before it is thrown away. This includes materials like paper, plastic, metal, and glass. All of these items can be recycled and turned into new products, which is a much better solution than simply throwing them away.

Recycling not only minimizes waste in the landfill but also makes the most of the natural resources that have already been mined or harvested. For instance, recycling aluminum cans reduces the need for open-pit mining to obtain bauxite ore, the raw material that is refined and smelted to produce aluminum.

Garbage Sorting Machine

Garbage Sorting Machine

Turning Waste into Treasure

Domestic waste is considered to be the most development potential and the inexhaustible "urban mineral deposit" and the "misplaced resource". According to research by relevant experts, my country's garbage hides huge wealth. Through resource treatment, 25 billion yuan of renewable resources can be created every year. The recycling of garbage disposal is the technical guarantee and material basis for environmental protection, and it is also one of the most potential new economic growth points in the future economy. The garbage industry contains unlimited business opportunities. During China's WTO accession negotiations with the United States, one of the reciprocal conditions proposed by the United States was to require China to open the environmental protection market to the United States, and the first choice was the waste industry. According to the experience and development trend of advanced countries in foreign waste treatment, with the emergence of new waste treatment industries and the continuous progress of waste treatment technology, more than 50% of the resources in daily waste will be recycled, which has huge economic benefits.

ㆍMore Efficient Waste Processing

Imagine trying to sort all of the garbage for an entire city by hand. The process would be too overwhelming to even start. Even with a large number of workers, trying to sort through that much waste efficiently would be practically impossible.

With an automated waste segregation machine, however, the process is much faster and more efficient. Machines like these automate the sorting process, allowing it to be completed extremely quickly. This allows a large volume of waste to be processed in a very small amount of time, helping waste management facilities keep up with all of the incoming garbage.

Since machines like these sort the garbage automatically, they require very few human workers. Along with having someone available to load the garbage into the machine, there are only a couple of other areas in the sorting process that may require human workers. For the most part, however, all of the sorting is handled by the machine.

Principle and Application

The garbage sorting machine abandons the traditional sorting process concept, implements reforms in principle, and uses original fuzzy recognition technology and simulated manipulators as the core technology to realize automatic garbage classification.

For different waste components and subsequent waste treatment methods, the equipment parameters can be adjusted at any time to meet the sorting needs, and it can also be connected with the customer's existing waste treatment equipment.

Garbage sorting machines are divided into three types: household waste sorting machine, kitchen waste sorting machine, and stale waste sorting machine. EMK garbage sorting machine has six models of 20, 60, 100, 300, 500, and 1200 according to different garbage disposal capacity, and the stale garbage sorting machine and kitchen waste sorting machine have three models of 300, 500, and 1200.

It is suitable for all kinds of garbage cleaning stations, garbage transfer stations, garbage treatment plants, garbage composting plants, garbage incineration plants, and other places where garbage is concentrated. We are a sorting machine MSW china manufacturer. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.





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