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Your Position: Home - Furniture - 13 Best Office Chairs (2024): Budget, Luxe, Cushions, Casters, and Mats

13 Best Office Chairs (2024): Budget, Luxe, Cushions, Casters, and Mats

Not every chair is a winner. Here are a few others we like enough to recommend, but they're not as good as our top picks above.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Lumbar Support Office Chair for $352: I think this is a nice alternative to the Branch Ergonomic Chair, our top pick. The Tempur seat cushion is, perhaps unsurprisingly, wonderfully comfy to sit on for hours at a time. And most chairs that have a thick lumbar cushion end up causing me back pain, but not here—I've had no issues sitting on this chair for a month. The mesh back is nice for airflow too. The arms tend to move around a bit though, and the mechanism to adjust them is not elegant. Installation wasn't too hard, but the instructions weren't as simple as Branch's, and the overall build quality feels cheap.

Knoll Newson Task Chair for $1,195: This minimalist chair looks best in the graphite and petal colors; it's a bit drab in black and umber. It's nice that I didn't have to fuss with any levers or knobs much—it's comfy out of the box and decently adjustable if you need to make some tweaks—and it feels especially nice when you recline. (The red knob adjusts the tension of the recline, but you need to twist it for five rotations, and I found it hard to turn sometimes.) The Newson didn't give me trouble in the two months I sat in it. I'm just not a huge fan of how the elastomer mesh backrest distorts, depending on how you sit. It feels lumpy. This chair also doesn't let me sit as upright as I'd like, but maybe you're fine with a bit of give. Ultimately, it's the price that pulls it out of our top recommendations, but you do get a 12-year warranty.

X-Chair X2 K-Sport Management Chair for $969: This used to be our top mesh chair pick but it has been supplanted by the Steelcase Karman. Sitting in the X-Chair feels like lounging in a hammock. Every part of my body feels well supported, and you can adjust nearly everything on the chair. Pull the seat up and push the armrests up, down, and side to side, or angle them in or out. The lumbar support feels like a cushion, and it adjusts as you move in your seat. If you want to rest your head, you can pay extra for the headrest. It has held up extremely well after three years of near-continuous sitting, but I don't like how bulky it is. X-Chair has a number of models to choose from. I tested the X-2 K-Sport with the wide seat, and it fits my 6'4" frame really well, but it was too wide for my partner, who is 5'1". Most people should be fine with the standard X1.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 for $549: If you absolutely must have the gaming chair vibe, then the Secretlab Titan Evo (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is classy enough for the home office. It sets itself apart from similarly priced competitors with its durability and flexibility. It’s comfortable for marathon gaming sessions, thanks to the adjustability it offers (particularly the lumbar support). The headrest pillow is magnetic and stays attached to the chair, which is a nice touch. But the firm cold cure foam molds to your body and may not suit everyone. This material also doesn't deal well with heat—it can cause your lower back to heat up.

Ikea Markus Chair for $290: The Markus is a perfectly fine office chair. It’s not the most comfortable, but it’s far from the worst. The mesh design keeps you cool, and the tall back lets you fully lean into it. It’s rather thin and isn’t obtrusive in a small home office or bedroom. It was annoying to put together (lol, Ikea), and you might need someone to hold up the back of the chair while you properly attach the seat. Unfortunately, if you often sit with at least one leg up or with your legs crossed, the width between the arms will make you uncomfortable.

X-Chair X-Tech Executive Chair for $1,899: Functionally, the X-Tech is similar to the X-Chair above. In this version, the M-Foam cooling gel seat is indeed wonderful to sit on, though it's not as heat-wicking as the all-mesh X-Chairs. It’s the Brisa Soft Touch material that impresses the most—it’s ridiculously soft. I recommend you stick with the standard armrests instead of the FS 360 armrests, which tend to move about too much. But my biggest gripe with this model is the price. Why on earth does it cost that much?

Mavix M7 Chair for $777: If it looks strangely similar to the X-Chair (see above), that's because both are owned by the same company. WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe ran into some issues with assembly, but customer service was able to exchange the model without much effort. The M7 has similarly adjustable armrests and seat angles, but you get wheels that lock. The mesh back and wide seat construction keep you cool and comfortable during sweaty League of Legends sessions, and the lumbar support does the job. If you're short, contact customer support while ordering—Mavix offers shorter cylinders so your feet touch the ground.

Herman Miller Vantum Gaming Chair for $795: Initially, I really liked this chair. I liked how I could keep myself in a super upright position, which made me feel more engaged in what I was doing. The mesh backrest also disperses heat quite well. However, the overall build quality feels cheap and doesn’t scream Herman Miller (nor does the asking price, which has since dropped by $200). The headrest isn't great either—I’ve nearly broken it trying to move it up and down. As I kept sitting, it was the back support that disappointed me the most. You can feel the lumbar support on your lower back, and not in a good way, almost like it’s digging in. At least it didn’t give me back pain.

Hon Ignition 2.0 Office Chair for $399: This chair is easy to set up and looks great, but it gave me really bad back pain, which is why I originally placed it in our “Avoid” section. I thought it was perhaps the long hours I was working, so I switched back to the Knoll Newson Task chair and my pain quickly began to ease. Sometime later, I gave it a shot again. After a few hours, the pain came back, and switching to another chair dissipated it. Color me confused, because this chair has positive reviews around the web. I then asked a friend who is around 5' 4" to try it for a few weeks, and she has had zero issues. This seems to be the answer. It's possible the Ignition doesn't work for my 6' 4" self and is better suited for smaller folks.

Hon Ignition 2.0 Big and Tall for $675: I had a much better experience with this Hon chair, which, as the name suggests, is suited for big and tall people like me. It has a reinforced steel frame that can support up to 450 pounds with a wider seat. It's comfy, transfers heat away well, and does a nice job supporting my back. However, it looks incredibly dull in Boring Black. I had a fine experience in the chair, aside from the arms that tend to slide left and right whenever you put some pressure on them. I'm just not sure it's worth the weirdly high price.

Pipersong Meditation Chair for $369: Have a problem sitting in a traditional chair? If your legs need to be bent and twisted for you to be comfortable, you'll want to check this chair out. It has a 360-degree swiveling footstool that can accommodate pretty much any sitting position you want. I can go from kneeling to cross-legged to one leg up, one leg down. It’s possible to sit regularly too, with the footstool behind you and your feet flat on the floor. It's the only chair I've found that's designed for odd sitting habits. There are no armrests, which I didn’t mind because that’s what makes it possible to sit in many of these positions. The actual stool and chair back could stand to be bigger and taller, respectively. I had to use a pillow to keep my back comfy.

With the rise of work from home culture, more people are paying attention to their working space and are making the investments necessary to achieve the most comfortable workstation possible. From suitable decor to comfortable ergonomic chairs, creating the best office setting is vital for both remote and on-site work. 

There is a myriad of reasons why you need a good office chair. Splashing the cash on quality office furniture, especially a chair, will pay off in the long run. Since you will spend far more time using it than any other office furniture, it is likely to have the most impact on your wellbeing and productivity. 

In this short article, we shall discuss the benefits of having a good office chair and the qualities that make up the best office chair. At the end, we’ll let you in on where you can find the right seating for your unique needs. Let’s get right into the topic at hand.

Why You Need A Good Office Chair: 4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Setup

You have probably heard of Ergonomic office chairs. If you have, you will have wondered what the fuss is about. After all, regular chairs have served us well for decades now. However, there are certain advantages the new chairs have over their predecessors. 

There are four main reasons why you need a good office chair. They are: improved physical well-being, increased productivity, better value in the long run, and improved mental health. 

A Good Office Chair Is An Investment In Your Health & Wellness

Health, they say, is wealth. And there is no better investment than in your health and wellness - which is exactly what a good office chair should be viewed as. A good ergonomic chair helps you avoid backaches and hip pain that develops from long periods of sitting. Studies show that ergonomic chairs help build the correct posture and improve your general physical wellbeing. This is enough reason to go all out and get a quality chair for your office. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll Unlock Greater Productivity With Ergonomic Seating

When you are comfortable and your body is properly supported, you will produce higher-quality work more efficiently. Whether you are working on your project at home or in the office, an ergonomic chair increases your productivity. Furthermore, as the person in charge of a firm, you can get more out of your workers by creating a pleasant workspace for them by investing in the best office furniture possible. Unlock greater productivity with ergonomic seating - these chairs will pay for themselves.

Good Office Chairs Last Longer & Provide Better Value In The Long Run

The best office chairs are designed to last long enough to provide value for your money. Sure, a premium office chair is more expensive than the average chair. But in the long run, you will save money as these ergonomic chairs last far longer. However, the value provided goes beyond the calculable effects, like how long it lasts. The invisible effect of saving on potential medical bills from potential injuries and aches is enough to make the price difference well worth it. Learn more about how long computer chairs last in our related article.

A More Comfortable Work Setup Leads To Better Mental Health

When you are comfortable at work, you are more mentally relaxed. As ergonomic chairs use knowledge from psychology in their design, the best office chairs imbibe techniques that make you comfortable and enjoy your job. After all, the link between a brilliant workspace and healthy mental health has been well documented. You’ll start to look forward to your workday - rather than dreading it.

It will be no surprise if the impression you got from reading this section is that you have to get a quality office chair for yourself. But how do you actually go about finding one? The next section discusses this in detail.

What Makes A “Good Office Chair”?

The average person doesn't know what makes for a good office chair, and this can lead to gaffes when deciding to get one. A few factors come together to form a good office chair. They are high quality and durable, offer superior ergonomics and adjustability, and provide value for money. 

Quality & Durability

When selecting an office chair, one of the first things to consider is the sturdiness and overall quality. How long will it last you? Will it start falling apart after some months? Nobody wants a chair that they will have to replace not after long. However, how do you know how long a chair you want to buy will last? Many factors determine how long a chair lasts, and these are things you have to consider when getting an office chair. 

Ergonomics & Adjustability

Ergonomics is known as the art of using knowledge from different fields to optimize human wellbeing and system performance. And this is an important consideration in getting an office chair.

A good office chair needs to be designed to give the best possible comfort while helping your sitting posture and preventing body aches. This is a crucial feature of a good office chair with the armrests, backrests, headrests, and even chair height and depth adjustable to your unique body.

Value For The Money

The best office chairs combine quality with good price consideration. Apart from saving you money spent on health issues otherwise, good office chairs last much longer than ordinary chairs last. Rather than spending money on a severe hip injury that could be caused by using low-quality chairs, you save yourself both money and a lot of pain & discomfort.

With all being said, you might be convinced that getting a quality office chair is the next course for you. Now, how do you go about it? 

Where Should You Look For Your New Office Chair?

With the vast variety of chairs available online, it can be tough distinguishing between your options and finding the best pick for you. There is always the issue of trust as you do not know which of the numerous chairmakers are the real deal. 

There are so many options it can get overwhelming - but luckily, we’re here to let you in on a little secret as to where you can find the best ergonomic office chair in Singapore: right here at ErgoTune.

What Makes Our Office Chairs So Special?

With DuraWeave hybrid mesh technology, world-class design, and the best materials on the market, Ergotune chairs are made to be practically indestructible. We have the adjustability and ergonomics you need with 11 adjustment points to help you fine-tune the chair to whatever you want. 

With 3D headrests to support your neck, auto-adjusting lumbar support, and 5D armrests for your arms, you’ll be comfortable no matter what you're doing.. 

You’ll also enjoy unparalleled customer service before and after the purchase with free shipping and a 12-year guarantee!

Why You Need A Good Office Chair: Closing Thoughts

Getting a good office chair is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself as a working professional. It increases your productivity, essentially paying for itself as you get better work done faster. And, it improves your mental health by making you more comfortable at work. Plus, it provides wonderful value in the long run by outlasting lower quality chairs.

At this point, there is just one thing left to do - shop at ErgoTune for the #1 ergo chair online and in Singapore. Treat yourself to the office seating you deserve!

13 Best Office Chairs (2024): Budget, Luxe, Cushions, Casters, and Mats

Why You Need A Good Office Chair





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