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Your Position: Home - Home & Garden - Where are the Precautions for Installing the Shower Room?

Where are the Precautions for Installing the Shower Room?

The shower room brings special comfort to the modern bathroom space, so the owners also reserve a certain space for themselves to install the simple shower room during the decoration. So, what should I pay attention to when installing a shower room? The following Shower Enclosure Manufacturer will tell you 5 points for attention.

Aluminium Shower Sliding Doors

1. The function of shower room in bathroom design

Choosing a high-quality shower room not only allows us to enjoy the pleasure of showering, but also avoids the trouble of frequent cleaning caused by the overflow of dirty water. Therefore, under the premise of keeping warm, we should pay more attention to the effect of dry and wet distinction. Carefully create professionally produced shower room series, humanized design, water tightness enough to ensure the distinction between wet and dry in your bathroom.

2. Precautions for designing shower room

When designing the shower room, first consider the size of the bathroom, choose the layout that best suits your bathroom, and choose all frameless or framed products based on your own preferences. Then, the choice of the bottom treatment method (using stone basin, stone foundation), comprehensive design for the bathroom window sill, toilet seat, bathtub, wall column, distance from the wash basin, toilet, and door opening method, a comfortable and pleasant set The shower room is the culmination of perfect design.

3. The combination of shower room style and bathroom size

For the size of the bathroom, please choose a suitable shower room product. Large spaces can be considered from the perspective of comfortable and loose showers, with a variety of options, while small spaces should make full use of the area. It is better to choose some sliding designs that do not take up space, and combine with boutique shelves to make full use of the space. When choosing a style, the overall effect of the shower and the toilet should also be considered. The selected shape (such as square or arc) should be as coordinated as possible with the shape of the washbasin and toilet, and the reasonable layout creates a relaxing environment.

4. The treatment of wall seepage prevention

Because toilets need to be deodorant and prevent infectious diseases, the state requires that the construction of the toilet must have a concave pool gooseneck curved pipe design. The toilet floor has been installed with a first-level drainage, but once the water seeps through the ground or the water supply pipe, the entire bathroom sink will be Fill up with dirty water, and the water will penetrate all the way or penetrate the corner of the room or seep into the lower floors over the wall. Therefore, a secondary drainage pipe should be installed at the bottom end of the concave pool, and the floor tile joints should be scraped with impermeable cement on the ground. If the primary and secondary drainage systems are done well in the home improvement, it will avoid many troubles in the future.

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