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Your Position: Home - Home Appliances - What are the reasons for buying enameled cast iron cookware

What are the reasons for buying enameled cast iron cookware

Use with certain ingredients. Plain cast iron is reactive, which means that acidic ingredients (vinegar, tomatoes, etc.) can interact with the metal and flavor or discolor the food. Reactions are unlikely to occur with well-seasoned pans, especially for dishes with short cooking times, but keep this in mind. Enamel is the least reactive and acceptable for acidic foods.


Many enameled items have a light creamy interior, making it especially easy to monitor the color of the delicacies (cooked juices) at the bottom of the pan, or just to check for burning. While this is not impossible in traditional cast iron pans or black enameled pans, you just need to be more careful. Things like caramel in a dark pan can also be hard to tell by sight, but in this case, an instant-read thermometer is an answer.



enamelware stock pot

enamelware stock pots


Why buy enameled cast iron cookware?


Enameled cast iron cookware is very easy to clean. After braising, stewing, or baking, the inside of enameled cast iron pans and Dutch ovens are wiped clean with a sponge.


Enameled cast iron pans are durable, beautiful, sturdy, and long-lasting. Sarchi’s enamel grill pan is our best-selling product and a hot-selling product on the market. It is made of cast iron and sprayed with enamel on the whole body. It is beautiful and practical and has raised grill ribs on the cooking surface. It is very suitable for scorching meat, keeping food away from excess fat, and the meat is delicious in color and flavor.


Buy Enameled Cast Iron Cookware


Enameled cast iron ranges in price from mid-range to high-end. But remember, replacing one piece of cookware at a time with a better option like enameled cast iron can really help ensure that your kitchen is beautifully equipped for healthy home cooking.


As you can see in the picture, this grill pan is made of enamel cast iron, but we can also make it into vegetable oil cast iron. The surface of the grill pan is not sprayed with enamel, just a layer of vegetable oil. Vegetable oil cast iron products is more durable. Enamel cast iron has almost all the advantages of vegetable oil cast iron and has a beautiful appearance. There is no pressure on cooking acidic and alkaline foods. Please choose the outer coating of the product according to your market conditions.


enamelware stock pots

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You probably already have both types of pans in your kitchen, so which one you choose may depend on what you're making. No-knead bread will work fine in a Dutch oven with or without enamel (in which case the gradual heating of the hollow pan in the oven makes thermal shock less likely). Grilling a steak? Plain cast iron might be better, as it heats to a higher temperature, giving you a quick crispy exterior and a less well-done interior. Also, consider whether you're cooking in a dry or moist environment. In foods like stews or braises, enameled pans heat more evenly, which is especially beneficial for consistent cooking throughout the dish.





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