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Your Position: Home - Home & Garden - How to Clean a Bathroom Mirror?

How to Clean a Bathroom Mirror?

Bathroom mirrors can be difficult to keep clean because there are so many things working against you, such as toothpaste stains, water stains, and fingerprints. If you've ever tried to get a spotless shine when cleaning your mirror, you'll know it's easy to end up with a lot of streaks.


A cloudy mirror with stains and streaks can be a nightmare. Sometimes, no matter what quality of commercial cleaner is used, the cloudiness and streaks just don't go away. Instead of disappearing, the stains and streaks appear in a different locations, and the mirror eventually, appears in different locations and the mirror still looks smudged and dirty. Even worse in some coastal areas is the possibility of permanent cloudy streaks and stain residue that build up over time.


It won't wash off with ordinary glass cleaners either. This can be as simple as using a homemade cleaning potion to clean and keep your mirror clean. If you are struggling with a particular mirror, or if it looks cloudy with streaks and stains that won't go away, try these simple ways to clean cloudy mirrors.


Once they are clean and free of cloudy marks and stains, they will be easier to keep clean in the future.


Here are the steps you need to take every time you get a clean bathroom Vanity Mirrors.

 Bathroom Mirror

1. Topical treatment with topical alcohol and cotton pads

The best way to remove stubborn stains and spots (such as toothpaste drops, hairspray or smudged fingerprints) is to use topical alcohol. Other sprays and cleansers will only coat these spots, but dipping a cotton pad in a little topical alcohol to treat these areas before wiping the whole mirror will leave you with a streak-free mirror.


2. Spray with a vinegar and water solution

While you can use glass cleaners that are already available, we recommend that you prepare a solution of one part vinegar and one part distilled water. Not only is this mixture easy to make, but it will also prevent the streaks left by the excess soap you find in many store-bought sprays.


Spray a thin layer of the solution directly onto the mirror. Avoid spraying too much as this will cause the solution to drip off the mirror.


3. Wipe clean with a microfibre cloth

While many people turn to use paper towels to clean glass, they can make things worse as they often leave dust, residue or lint behind. We have found that the best way to really clean glass is to use a good quality plain weave microfibre cloth. It cleans effectively without being too thick to collect any lint or other particles that may be left on the mirror.


Starting from the top left corner, slide the cloth straight to the top right corner and then back again, all the way to the bottom of the mirror.


4. Check for streaks

Look at the mirror from several angles to make sure it is completely clean. If you find any streaks or spots, spray a small amount of vinegar and water solution directly onto the blemish and wipe it clean. Your mirror should be immaculate!


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