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Your Position: Home - Home Appliances - How to Choose the Best Commercial Rice Cooker

How to Choose the Best Commercial Rice Cooker

A good commercial rice cooker is crucial for your restaurant, especially if you have a group of hungry customers in your restaurant. But rice cookers have slightly different functions, so it's important that you know which ones will help your kitchen run the way you want it to. Check out this helpful buying guide to learn how to choose the best commercial rice cooker for your restaurant.


rice cooker 


Features you should look for




Commercial rice cookers come in a variety of sizes, with the largest holding about 90 cups and the smallest holding about 40 cups. If you're not sure what size rice cooker you need, choose a larger model. If you buy a smaller one and fill it too high, then it may overflow with water and rice, making a mess in your commercial kitchen.


Quick cooking


Making new rice during peak meal times can lead to angry customers and even loss. That's why cookware with a quick-cooking feature is so useful. It eliminates the soaking cycle and goes straight to cooking. It will cut your waiting time in half.


Non-Stick Cooker


Due to busy schedules, you may not have much time to clean your kitchen. Therefore, non-stick appliances will be ideal for you. Try using a rice cooker with this feature, it may be of great help to you.




Having a rice cooker with a reheat function will save you a lot of time and money. You can cook all your rice ahead of time and then reheat it when it gets cold. It keeps you from having to produce as many batches as possible throughout the day.


Fuse protector


When you're busy in the kitchen, you won't always be able to keep your eyes on the rice cooker. So, look for one with a fuse protector. When the cooker gets too hot, it will automatically trigger the fuse and prevent a fire from happening.


rice cooker


Models to choose from


Now that you know what features to look for, we'll provide you with some models to check out.


Multifunctional Commercial Smart IH Rice Cooker


The Smart IH Rice Cooker features a concave coil plate with all-magnetic heating technology that increases power transfer to the inner pot, where heat gathers around it to cook food faster and more evenly.


22L commercial rice cooker for restaurants


This electric rice cooker restaurant is especially suitable for restaurants and hotels. The intelligent digital control panel monitors temperature and adjusts power. Stereo 24-hour heat preservation function with delay, power off, short grain rice, long grain rice, porridge soup, and heat preservation.


Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


If you're looking for a way to cook the perfect rice, then the Stainless Steel Rice Cooker is the way to go. This handy kitchen appliance can steam rice in minutes and is easy to clean.

For more options for rice cookers please feel free to browse our online inventory and contact us with any questions.

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