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Your Position: Home - Furniture - How to choose a bedroom closet?

How to choose a bedroom closet?

Closet is basically the standard for each bedroom, more practical, but the footprint is relatively large, you can choose different types of wardrobe according to the style of the bedroom, the area.

Bedroom style, area to choose different kinds of closet, the following to introduce how to choose the bedroom closet, bedroom closet are what kinds.

Bedroom closet how to choose?

1, according to the bedroom decoration style to choose

If you want to closet and bedroom overall decoration style more with, we can choose the closet according to the bedroom decoration style

Color, for example, the European style of decoration, we can choose white or dark shades of apple wood closet, rustic wind can choose

Black, white, gray and such medium tone.

2, according to the bedroom environment to choose

Closet color selection must match the color of the entire bedroom, visually make people feel comfortable, so we can be based on

Bedroom color area * of that color to choose, choose the color of this color similar color.

3, according to the direction of the bedroom to choose

If the indoor lighting is good, will limit the selection of floor color, but the range of closet selection will be wider, we can try

Try the original wood color, wood texture makes the bedroom more warm, the scenery outside the window plus the original wood color closet, let people feel back to nature, let

More peaceful inside.

4, according to the age to choose

If it is a child living in the room, we can choose the color more full, with impact, will make the whole room more with

With vitality; if the age of the elderly, we can choose the color more nostalgic colors, more atmosphere.

Cabinet functionally very important point, choose the right bedroom cabinets can visually increase the bedroom space, living more comfortable; it is known that large mirrors can make the space look larger, they give the illusion of depth, reflect natural and artificial light, and can make any room appear elongated when placed at an intelligent angle.

Frameless Mirror Closet

The optical illusion of covering an entire wall with mirrors from floor to ceiling can increase the size of a room exponentially. A full closet can also hold more clothes, accessories and items - the more you can store out of sight, the more space you really have!

You can also choose the color of the finish for your interior storage, from shelves to rails and handles. Install shoe mats, shelves and hanging rods to make the most of your storage space.

Sliding Doors

Mirrored sliding doors help to protect and create the look of a space. Unlike hinged doors that lead into a room, sliding doors make items ergonomic and functional and do not take up space.
Hinged doors mean you have to be careful what you place around the door, which determines the use of space in your room; sliding doors solve this problem, which means you can place furniture sections in front of the door if needed.

Mirrored cabinets

If you don't have enough space in your room for a full closet, then cheat by creating the same effect with cabinets. This can add storage space and reflect the room, making it look more spacious.
When large mirrors are not an option, a good idea is to group smaller mirrors together. This will create a smaller "window" effect and still help make the room look more open and brighter. Again, place them across from natural or artificial light to take advantage of this effect.

Neat and tidy

As we mentioned, full-wall mirrored closets help create the illusion of more space in your room because they provide a lot of storage space.

Anything that doesn't need to be on display should be stored away neatly - clean floors and surfaces both make things look bigger and tidier, and help reduce stress and create a relaxing environment; exactly what we all want in a bedroom. Combining mass storage with reflective doors is a win-win for creating space in your room.

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